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Improve the teaching and learning in your school/division through formative feedback.

Our Focus

Improving instruction through research based classroom data collection using our innovative tools.

Access a number of research-based observation forms created by practitioners

Use with multiple platforms, fully responsive

Provide immediate feedback to teachers via email or PDF

Easy for principals, district level administrators, and teachers to navigate

Run reports at district, school, and classroom levels

Display records of observations in an easy to view and sortable table/database

Export observation records to CSV files

Customize data collection forms based on district needs

Cost effective solution for schools/districts

Use of classroom observation forms in a formative manner will positively impact the teaching and learning in your school/district

About Us

eObservations was founded to provide online classroom observation tools to school administrators
Our Goals

The primary goal of using these tools is to help teachers reflect on their practice and reveal areas for their professional growth. The resulting improvement of instruction should result in higher student success. Teachers often complain that observations of their teaching rarely provide specific feedback to help them reflect and improve their teaching. Read More...

  • Focus

    Focus on research-based, high-yield instructional strategies

  • Data

    Collect data for use in teacher reflection, guiding professional development and data driven decision making

  • Feedback

    Share immediate formative feedback to teachers

  • Improvement

    Improvement of instruction resulting in higher student achievement

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